Untitled Film 1


For my Film 1 project, I needed several long following shots. The movement of the camera tracking the main character behind functions to create a sense of paranoia and to hint at the character being followed without revealing who exactly is following her. When shooting test footage, it became clear that simply holding the camera handheld was too unstable to get the necessary shots without the cinematography becoming distracting. I checked out the Red Rock shoulder mount to stabilize the camera during the movements.  

Scarf typology


Taking multiple photos of me wearing different kinds and colors of scarves to define them. Then, the photos are gathered into one photo, side by side, have the same size and background for easy comparison. The photos are arranged in a black grid collage.  



Hello! I am an OU senior studying sculpture. Currently, I am working on stop motion animation & performance video art. My thesis show is in the spring, so I am in much need of technological guidance. I am grateful to Nathan Berger, for lending me camera equipment and a projector. I have started to explore a sort of personal narrative style of filming, one I hope to refine for my thesis show. In Bravery/Hero, my most recent piece, I am breaking down formal associations within Western culture by montaging together stop motion animation, found footage, and personal footage. In my work, a frequent theme is the exploring the female experience. The installation, Bravery/Hero, was located in Seigfred Hall, room 123. Objects that appeared in the video were featured alongside the projection,casting shadow onto the moving image. Thus oscillating between the virtual in the real and the real...

Film One: “Up Here”


As an MFA student in the Film Production program, I needed to take still photos of my short film location. Part of the pre-production process that was most important to me for this project was taking the screenplay into a visual format before filming, so I checked out the Canon E0S to make sure I could get better quality photos for storyboarding. I took over a hundred at the location, and then met with dancers I had cast for my film and walked through stage directions so I could see how they moved within the space. My film is entitled “Up Here,” and it primarily takes place on the highest level of the Athens City Parking Garage, which serves as a dance stage in the movie. The story is of a young dancer who finds solace in the solitude of the open air and quietness of this space as she recovers from a violent memory.  

Athens Hip Hop Documentary Cont.


This weekend of filming was focussed on the B-Boy aspect of Athens Hip Hop. More commonly, and incorrectly known as breakdancing, the B-Boy presence on campus is second only to the MCs. What is also relatively unknown about B-Boying is that it is more about a certain attitude than dancing ability, and that is what I am really trying to bring out with this documentary. I had a chance to capture some footage of a couple of B-Boys dancing, but due to rain and scheduling conflicts I didn’t get as much as I hoped for and will have to get interviews at a later date.  

The Interracial Program at Black Mountain College

By Astrid Kaemmerling

I, in October 2013, travelled to Asheville, NC to pursue art-based and scholarly research on Interracial Program of Black Mountain College, an experimental interdisciplinary arts college that existed in Asheville, NC, from 1933 to 1957. This research trip allowed me to (1) conduct primary research and collect material for new mixed-media paintings. The material which is show are some selected photographies I found in the archives.

Haptic Surfaces

By Daniel King

The dirty work of transferring the material into the digital is recorded on the many surfaces we touch. In this series I’ve been turning table top bed scanners, from various locations, into cameras. By turning this technological device designed to record surfaces into a recorder of space, I’m interested in exploring the ways in which our notions of photography can be expanded to include others ways in which traces of the world can be recorded. Each image in this series is created with a different scanner, in its native ecosystem. The table, lights, partnering devices and room architecture can all play a part within the finished image. Final print sizes range from 32″x40″ up to 43″x56″ Many of these images were printed with the support of the Ohio University Create_Space.      ...

Rotten Apples

By James McGee-Moore

Hi! James here. Let’s start off with a little background on me so you can understand my project. I’m a fifth year, which means I was a senior last year and got de-railed by the change to semesters. I’m a sculpture major and I’m gearing up for my thesis exhibition at the end of next semester (it’s a big deal art show I have to finish to graduate). I’m supposed to be making art that develops my “Body” of work, which just means I need to stop floating around and start making works that all fall under a unified idea or theme. I’ve defined myself as a video artist (you may be thinking “Video’s not sculpture” and who knows, you may be right, but we’re all crazy and jumbled up over here in art world, so sculpture is where I ended up) and I tend to make feminist themed works about personal and human issues. Since...

Film One: Trisha


I’m a first year MFA and currently in pre-production for my first short film project – a psychological horror about a traumatized young woman. I’m currently in the process of creating a photo board i.e. a series of still images that map the shot list of my upcoming short film project. The project will be shot on location at the Adena Bike Pathway on 16 mm black and white reversal stock. I used the Panasonic Lumix to create a photo board i.e. a series of still images that map my shot list. The graffiti in this photograph is a key image in my film.  

Witness (dwelling)

By Mateo Galvano

Conceptually occupied with a sustained inquiry into issues of absence, damage, translation and memory, I embrace a range of modalities in my practice. The Winding Sheet is a photographic sculptural installation that continues to develop through various iterations, effected by the circumstances of the space in which it is installed. Pictured here, it is part of the Ohio Border Biennial, OH+5, which opens October 4th and runs through November 26th, 2013 at The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio. The work is composed of multiple series of digital photographic prints that are draped over or pinned to sheets of silk, vellum, and other surfaces, employed in the creation of membranous barriers that serve to alternately display and conceal the images. With the generous guidance of Nathan Berger, I have used the printing services at the Create_Space to produce the abundance of large digital...

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