Creative Research Exploring Arts Technology & Entrepreneurship

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The resource for creative research exploring Arts, technology, and entrepreneurship.

The CREATE_space is an interdisciplinary resource for Ohio University students, faculty and staff, for creative research exploring Arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. The space is offered to undergraduates, entrepreneurs, honor tutorial college students, graduates, doctoral students, faculty and staff, providing various resources, including consultations, training, select services, and equipment.

Our goal is to encourage and support a center of diverse creative processes and products, with an emphasis on the contemporary and collaborative. Processes and projects that explore our cores [Arts, technology, & entrepreneurship] as an integral component in the creative research process create a transformation from the expected into the exceptional. To achieve these goals in our space, one must observe the corresponding procedures. Participation embracing interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary collaboration and experimentation push the bounds of tradition, and move culture forward. Learn more.



Arts Entrepreneurship & Support:

As The CREATE␣space is an evolving part of Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts, our mission is to provide a central venue for creative research, some of which may include entrepreneurial ideas. This academic year we are embarking on a few entrepreneurial initiatives.

A) We routinely participate in, and or contribute to cross-campus events relating to innovation and entrepreneurship. Key events include Startup Weekend,  the OU Student Research & Creative Activity Expo, and others. The goal of our participation is twofold: (1) Encourage or empower Fine Artists to showcase their work and ideas outside of our College for others to enjoy. (2) Inform and inspire those outside of Fine Arts regarding our creative processes and practices.

B) Visit this link if you decide to participate and or see below :


Need space____Resources?

Request a Reservation – The CREATE_space offers a bank of equipment resources for you to do your creative research. If you are interested or in need of borrowing equipment to investigate of complete your creative research, we may be able to help.

See the above ‘Resources‘ menu item for our selection, and place a single request for one or more items for any given date range. Resources include items in a variety of categories, for beginners to experts. Find the ‘Request a Reservation‘ or subsequent button, include all relevant item call numbers, being sure to give us preparation time, and follow our procedures.

All projects supported by the CREATE_space, excluding processes which have a direct materials cost, come at no fiscal expense. All projects supported require the use to document their creative research on our website within 48hrs of their resource return date. This documentation is to (a) provide the user experience in communicating their process and or product for this project, and (b) showcase what creative research occurs at Ohio University.


Printing 2D____3D?

Schedule A Service Session – The Create_space houses a large-format printer, and four 3D printers for creative research exploring art, technology, and entrepreneurship. These services are not for marketing or advertising work.

The printers are accessible to any past or present patrons, those who are conducting creative research, or upon special request.* Uses of a printer dictate a financial charge, based solely upon the quantity of media printed. Charges change annually, so be sure to inquire them upon printing time. It is solely the patrons’ responsibility as to the quality of the print; no refunds. * Request may be denied. [Refer to tab below]


Do You Need____Help?

Schedule A Creative Consultation – The CREATE_space Staff offers specific times to discuss resource needs and expected outcomes associated with creative research activities. As well as the aforementioned, potential technical options and challenges are discussed to direct research processes to the best approach for intended outcome (unless otherwise stipulated, e.g. quantitative analysis). [Refer to tab below]


Procedure Updates:

Fall Hours:

Fall Semester Limitations


* Daily Open Hours subject to change. Regual Open Hours (9am-noon, 1pm-5pm) expected to be come available in the future. Email for or additional questions.
** Graduate Associate / Actual Open Hours subject to change. Non-Staffed hours available to PIN code holds & reserved classroom usage.
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