By Carlos Pacheco

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Corrupted, is a series of distorted photo albums. With the advent of digital technology came a de-materialization not only of ourselves but of the photographic medium. The photo album, which in the past was exclusively a physical object shared among friends and family, has been mostly replaced by virtual means of sharing through social media and online photo-streams. The physical albums in this series, all specifically purchased through online auction sites are relics of a pre-virtual era filtered through this digital realm. Obtaining these memories no longer requires physical human interaction; they are obtained anonymously under the guise of a screen name. There is no physical transaction, no physical monies traded for these objects. A few clicks of a mouse and these objects are sent and received not unlike digital files via the internet. . In their final state, these new constructions, though they mirror their original form teeter between a state of physicality and virtuality. They exist as physical objects, but their contents have been Corrupted and their ability to pass on information has been cauterized.

Corrupted Brag Book, will be on display from Sept. 17-Nov. 16, 2013 as part of the “Tangibles: Beauty and Purpose in the Art of the Book” at the Northern Arizona University Art Museum.


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