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We help students create & document their creative research. Explore their work:

We help students create & document their creative research.

Explore our creative research.

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We help students create & document their creative research. Explore their work:

We help students create & document their creative research.

Explore our creative research.

The Artist.The City

By on Sep 25, 2013

For my project I am doing a short documentary on the art coordinator of the Art Corner Toledo Rachel Richardson. I am exploring this avenue of who she is and how she not only impacts the city of city -specifically the uptown and downtown Toledo – and how the city impacts her. While there are more “mainstream” artist that may capture the attention of the audience that I could have interviewed I choose to do someone more low-key specifically Rachel Richardson is because this project is just as much about the city as it is the artist. So I needed an artist who is local and connected to the city whereas you couldn’t get from a celebrity artist who all live in NYC and where not born or raised there. While Rachel does not produce art works her role in the art community is just as significant I my desire is to highlight that role.  

Athens Hip Hop Documentary

By on Sep 24, 2013

Throughout this semester I will be creating a documentary that explores the relatively unknown hip hop scene in Athens OH. Each element of hip hop (MC, DJ, Graffiti, B-Boy) will be characterized by one of the prominent members in the Hip Hop community, in hopes of familiarizing the audience with hip hop within and outside of Athens. Using the Canon 5D Mark II and Zeiss lenses I captured footage at Hip Hop Shop at the Union. I have done this many time before, but only with a 60D and a standard lens. The Union always has a noticeable lack of lighting during this event, which often gave me trouble with my own camera. However this time I found much more success with the equipment I rented, the 5D was great in low light and allowed me to maintain the atmosphere at Hip Hop Shop. The second shoot was an interview with an Athens MC who goes by Jean P the MC, and has had relative success within...

3d Printing

By on Sep 19, 2013

This object is a model for a proposed project/grant that will be submitted to the Provosts undergraduate research fund. The project is a comparison of how a 3 dimensional object exists in the 2-dimensional computer world and how it exists in our physical reality. I believe these connections speak to our relation to higher dimensions and how all matter exists. The final product will be produced in silver with crystal specimens set into the sculpture. I will be using the 3d printer and scanner.            

TOXIC ART: A Short Documentary

By on Sep 18, 2013

A short glimpse into the making of TOXIC ART: A Short Documentary - 9/14/2013 noon: Jacob Koestler texts me asking if I have 5/6 minutes of vibraphone music for a short documentary. I offered to create something new for the project only to find out the deadline is the next day. 9pm: Thanks to the CREATE_space we enter Glidden’s rehearsal hall armed with Audix small diaphragm condenser mics, stands, cables and a Zoom H4N (not the most exciting choice for an interface, but when faced with only a few hours to complete the job you take what you can get without having to run all over town to get your own gear). midnight: By now the audio is recorded/mixed and being imported into the film project. THANKS CREATE_space!! *the score was created through various chance/aleatoric means included multi-track recording without monitoring previous takes (mostly because we didn’t have the...

A Bus Stop

By on Sep 17, 2013

As a first year MFA I am currently in pre-production for my first film titled, “A Bus Stop”, a love story between two men told through the point of view of their feet waiting at a bus stop. I have been using the AF100 for the past week in order to conduct tests, record rehearsals, and make video storyboards of the actual film which will be shot on 16mm black and white reversal film stock.  


By Carlos Pacheco on Sep 4, 2013

Corrupted, is a series of distorted photo albums. With the advent of digital technology came a de-materialization not only of ourselves but of the photographic medium. The photo album, which in the past was exclusively a physical object shared among friends and family, has been mostly replaced by virtual means of sharing through social media and online photo-streams. The physical albums in this series, all specifically purchased through online auction sites are relics of a pre-virtual era filtered through this digital realm. Obtaining these memories no longer requires physical human interaction; they are obtained anonymously under the guise of a screen name. There is no physical transaction, no physical monies traded for these objects. A few clicks of a mouse and these objects are sent and received not unlike digital files via the internet. . In their final state, these new...