Brian and Seth


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BRIAN AND SETH is a part of a series of short films for my MFA thesis in Directing at Ohio University. The film attempts to depict frustration that comes with pleasure seeking. It is a story of two African-American college students (Brian and Seth), and their pursuits for sex in a predominantly European-American college town.

The theme of BRIAN AND SETH can be expressed in the expression that says: “too much haste split a yam.” The film is about patience in the midst of pleasure seeking. It also touches on being of good conduct and respectful enough to not take advantage of others. The story is told using a flashback technique, by both protagonists (Brian and Seth) who meet at their apartment and recount what has just happened. Other two female characters are Judy and Melissa, whom both Brian and Seth engage with.

The film was shot on a Canon DSLR HD camera and sound (audio) was recorded on Sound Devices 702 and Fostex FR2 field recorders. The film is dependent on existing light, with few (minimal) studio lights used for the interiors. The film was shot in Athens, Ohio on a student budget, and edited on Avid Composer.


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