Interviews for Creative Research


Numerous interviews were conducted using the H4 Next Recorder in preparation for a creative research trip to the Angola Prison Rodeo in Louisiana. The controversial event supports themes consistent in my work. What appears to be a spectacle of celebration, complete with candied apples and greasy carnival fare, is in fact an extremely complex and challenging occasion. This research trip will investigate a disposed community and their realities beneath this sugary surface. Due to the fact that no cameras, phones, or recording devices of any kind were allowed within the prison grounds, I’ve included on of the sketches completed on-site.  

The Deep


I am building an introverted ecosystem, where creatures feed on darkness through a process of reverse photosynthesis. I am weaving a food-web of fear. The Deep is an ongoing catalog of unknown creatures. It offers speculative portraits of some of the x million undiscovered species lurking in the deepest crevices of the ocean floor. The Mariana trench is the uncanniest of uncanny valleys: here, the human submarine pilot points her searchlight into the pristine darkness and catches in the beam a fish with strangely human eyes.        

Bronze Constellation (as a part of "Lost Wax" as a part of "Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980")

By Broooks WEnzel

Lost Wax project appeared as an integral part of my MFA thesis show in Trisolini. Lost Wax spins out of creating replica crayons out of actual bronze, then placing them secretly in crayon packs in stores around the world as i travel (see: http://yoidles.com/home/lost-wax/). As a part of Lost Wax, a free Android application was developed to allow viewers to compare the constellation created as the bronze crayons are scattered about the globe. Thanks in large to NATHAN BERGER, the AESTHETICS TECHNOLOGY LAB, and RAY PHOENIX for assisting in making this application become a reality. This application forks from the Google Skymap application, that allows viewers to view the locations of stars and constellations in the sky wherever they point their Android devices. The Bronze Constellation app retains the star and constellation data, however it makes a few changes. Bronze Constellation also includes points representing the locations where each bronze crayon has been placed and connecting lines between them that create the constellation. Additionally, the viewer’s vantage point has been changed. The vantage point no longer represents the viewer as standing on the surface of the Earth, instead the viewer’s vantage point is teleported into the center of the Earth. Thus, the constellation made by the bronze crayons on the surface of the Earth appears between the viewer and stellar constellations in the sky. This allows the viewer to gain perspective on the fact that Yoidles! Productions has created (and is still creating) the largest bronze sculpture in history (http://wp.me/POzNV-4m). To download the application navigate your Android device to the following address and click install....

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