Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream

By Andy Sloan Jackson

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“Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream” is the thesis exhibit for my MFA in Ceramics at Ohio University. This six-channel piece includes large and small scale sculpture, video loops, and fiber sculptures. It would never have been possible without the resources of the @Lab and the incredible help of Nathaniel Berger. Thank you.

I explore how objects function on multiple, simultaneous, and contradictory levels. We engage the world of objects with every action, taking comfort in those that surround and adore our homes. These objects include plates commemorating a special event, souvenirs from vacations long ago, or figurines linked to an emotion or rite of passage. How do these objects navigate a tenuous boundary between meaning and obscurity? What power do they still hold as a souvenir not only of a vacation, but of a memory, of an event. In my work I create tableaus that house small objects and video monitors. In my video work, I dress my sets with objects I make from both clay and mixed media, purposely exploiting the distinction between what we notice and what we ignore.


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