But Why?


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BUT WHY? is a feature film that asks: why do men cheat? It is a story of an unfaithful lover who is betrayed by his greed and almost looses all he has. The main character is MAN, a typical guy with lustful desires, who wants things to always go his way, and due to his “peculiar” behavior, he almost looses everything he has, his family, trust and honor from his loved ones and friends. MAN lives-in with his baby-mother named SINDI, a well-behaved young lady who has also been pushed to a breaking point by MAN’s childish and selfish behavior. MAN is miraculously brought into the right path by the intervention of wise old man named HOMELESS.
The film seeks to explore the dynamics of life and the choices (responsibilities) that comes with it.
In essence, MAN is about change, either for the better or for the worse. He has courage to risk change, take chances with no regard on who gets hurt in the process. In the end he is the one who is the victim. The theme of the film can be expressed clearly by words from Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o that says: a man that once abandoned his homestead will one day return.

The film was shot in and around New York City and Athens, Ohio. Panasonic AG-AF100 camera and lenses (courtesy of @Lab Technologies) and Sound Devices 702, film equipment and lighting gear (courtesy of Ohio University School of Film), were used in the making of this film. It was edited on Final Cut Pro.


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