But Why?


BUT WHY? is a feature film that asks: why do men cheat? It is a story of an unfaithful lover who is betrayed by his greed and almost looses all he has. The main character is MAN, a typical guy with lustful desires, who wants things to always go his way, and due to his “peculiar” behavior, he almost looses everything he has, his family, trust and honor from his loved ones and friends. MAN lives-in with his baby-mother named SINDI, a well-behaved young lady who has also been pushed to a breaking point by MAN’s childish and selfish behavior. MAN is miraculously brought into the right path by the intervention of wise old man named HOMELESS. The film seeks to explore the dynamics of life and the choices (responsibilities) that comes with it. In essence, MAN is about change, either for the better or for the worse. He has courage to risk change, take chances with no regard on who gets hurt in...

Ohio Missile Sites


This is an in-progress photo and and video series documenting decommission Nike missile sites in Ohio. The missile sites were built during the Cold War (twelve in Ohio and close to 300 on U.S. soil); the last site was closed of June in of 1971. The sites and land were handed over to municipal powers and generally tuned into parks, city buildings, schools/community colleges, senior centers, marinas, etc. On the chance the city did not want the site, they were auctioned into the private sector. I document the site regardless of whether or not the missile cavity and buildings still exist.  

Black Body

By Jacob Koestler

Imagine a room with only a window. Energy passes through and bounces from each surface, at every angle. Without any escape, the energy fills the room. The room is not a replica, rather it now shares the properties of the energy that came from outer space. The photograph is Plato’s cave. Once set into motion, the video feedback becomes the simulated realities of outside, imagination through the dance of light and shadow.  

Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream

By Andy Sloan Jackson

“Now We’re Sharing the Same Dream” is the thesis exhibit for my MFA in Ceramics at Ohio University. This six-channel piece includes large and small scale sculpture, video loops, and fiber sculptures. It would never have been possible without the resources of the @Lab and the incredible help of Nathaniel Berger. Thank you. I explore how objects function on multiple, simultaneous, and contradictory levels. We engage the world of objects with every action, taking comfort in those that surround and adore our homes. These objects include plates commemorating a special event, souvenirs from vacations long ago, or figurines linked to an emotion or rite of passage. How do these objects navigate a tenuous boundary between meaning and obscurity? What power do they still hold as a souvenir not only of a vacation, but of a memory, of an event. In my work I create tableaus that...



“Cheshire” is a sci-fi short about a young space ship commander trying to prove he is fit to be a captain. The ship is in trouble through much of the film. Low light and a significant amount of camera shaking were utilized to achieve the chaotic effect of a space ship under attack. The short was originally set to use a DSLR, but after testing we found the DSLR “jello” too distracting. We turned to the @Lab’s Panasonic AG-AF100 camera along with the Red Rock Micro AF100 shoulder mount and matte box. The AF100 provided the stability and latitude we needed to achieve our look. Additionally, we utilized the @Lab’s canon EF mount lens adapter and selection of prime lens to allow us to shoot in low light with a minimum of grain.  

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