Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980

By Broooks WEnzel

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Yoidles! Productions American Since 1980 consisted of a multimedia retailvironment-ish. Yoidles! Productions was my MFA Thesis exhibition which was made possible by the equipment and facilities of the @lab.

I used the blue room to create the images for my show cards.

The large format printer allowed me to create photo quality banners to logo-up the gallery, as well as print brilliant photos for the wall.

Nathan, personally, assisted in the development of an Android application to accompany the show (see my other post).

I furnished my crayon sales representative with the Xoom tablet from the @lab (loaded with Square Register) so that actual transactions would be possible.

The Jambox and ipod with bluetooth allowed me to indiscreetly play a repetitive sound track to my show. I was able to hide the Jambox above the lighting grid because it was small and created plenty of sound, while i simultaneously hid the ipod in the back room to prevent disgruntled monitors from trying to relieve their ears from the repetition.

Throughout the preparation for this exhibition i used the @lab computers and programs.



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