Projections for Assassins

By Chet Miller

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Ohio Universities second main stage this season was the show Assassins. Sondheim has the play structured to build up to the killing of Kennedy by Ozwald. Traditionally, the Zapruder film is shown at this moment. Our set was designed to show the fil on the back window of the book depository. I wanted to explore the moment as a frozen moment in time. The zapruder film actually loops in the background, as commentary about the cyclical nature of tragedy. On the floor and the wall, Walter Kronkite announcing that the president has been shot is projected. The floor projection is the primary way that Ozwald is lit in this section. Finally the floor projection and the windo projection shift to be scenes of Ozwald being paraded up and down the halls of the Dallas Police station.

The @Lab provided both of the projectors used in this project. The window is a rear projection using one of the wide throw projectors which proved to be ideal from the A2 station, allowing the projector to be shuttered manually by the backstage sound person when not in use. The floor and wall projections all came from house left using the large panasonic theatrical projector. The three videos were mapped onto the wall and in a circle to follow the shape of the stage.

The included pictures are first a digital rendering used during production meetings. The other image is an archive shot of the moment. The whole sequence can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtpQMfGKx7U



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