Migration of Souls

By Mateo Galvano

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I’m working on a series of projects that are intended for exhibition for my MFA thesis show at Majestic Galleries in Nelsonville, Ohio, April 2014. The exhibition will include a series of photographs as well as sculptural installation, drawings, paintings, and sound compositions based on experimental vocal and spoken word components. There may also be a moving image work involved. There will also be a printed, bound book that will contain photographic images and writings that are fragments of my prose and poetic writings. The cross-disciplinary nature of the work is conceptually driven by my studio practice, which has been established for a few decades, and also by my interest in philosophical questions about the nature of absence and loss and the human search for meaning in the face of mortality.

In this work, I am utilizing the services and equipment at the @lab, such as the digital printing services, which I use to print out photographic images of landscapes as well as detailed abstractions derived from some of my installation works. An installation of these photographs will be part of my thesis exhibition. I have also been using the Final Cut Pro film editing program at the @lab. Lastly, I have been signing out hand-held microphone and recording equipment in order to record a variety of sounds and spoken word for use in sound compositions.


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