Bad Weather

By Jacob Koestler

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by Jacob Koestler and Anna Tararova
soundtrack available @ myideaoffun.org

Equal parts nature study and contemporary fairy tale, Bad Weather is a short film that follows a young man on his quest to transcend the lonely realities of society’s continual separation from the fantastic, natural world. By train and boat, he travels from a cold city to the untouched edges of wilderness through montages of industrial-boom propaganda and the life cycles of animals.

His disillusionment is only replaced by dark fantasy turned reality, as he unknowingly reaches his destination; just off the shore of a distant island, he watches in horror as a mermaid thrashes and rips at the land above the water’s surface. After years of failed attempts at communication and connection, she has grown tired of human ignorance. The mermaid chooses to bestow her mystical gift of destruction upon the legged creatures who have abandoned her. The young man’s enlightenment comes too late, as his answer comes in the form of a magical end to everything he knows.


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