A body to build on


I borrowed a camera and tripod to take a series of photographs of myself. These were then turned into silhouettes and are being used as stencils in a drawing and a series of etchings. The images you are seeing are details from this drawing; it plays with scale, perspective, and notions of how our bodies relate to the built environment.

Metaphor for something more


Keepsakes serve as catalysts for association or attachment; becoming heavy and burdened and almost transform into living, breathing, things as we project human emotion and action into the objects we accumulate. Serving as a metaphor for the complexities of life and attachments, the progression of this video shows growth, destruction, and evolution. Referencing a snow globe–an artificial puppet for real places, things, dreams, and memories–these plastic materials were studied and documented in an attempt to understand what it is that we embed in objects that deems them precious.  

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