Birds of Paradise


Birds of Paradise is a whimsical tale about a “Saucer” thief named Dan. Following a routine theft Dan flees the city from three hooligans. There he encounters a girl transfixed in the wings of a giant plastic bird. The connection between the girl and the winged creature incites a need for Dan to experience the same. He must steal the bird. Written and directed by graduate film student Maladan Jurkovic, “Birds of Paradise” draws it’s inspiration from the works of Fellini’s Amarcord and Malle’s Zazie dans le métro. It builds an unusual world where the simplicity of action personifies human emotion to create a fundamental human truth.       Photo Credit: © Will Parson

Exploration in Isadora


In the Special Topics in Theater class offered this past Spring semester, we were assigned a final capstone project with a very open-ended format. My partner (Julian Stapleton) and I decided to use this opportunity to explore a piece of software called Isadora (developed by Troikatronix). The ultimate goal of our work was to develop a functional understanding of both live video editing and show control for theatrical applications, as the School of Theater plans to run projections for future shows via the program. We began by simply watching numerous tutorials and reading the user manual cover to cover, and then completing a LOT of experimental programming (coupled with dozens of screenshots, as the demo version of Isadora does not allow for saving files). Some examples of these screenshots can be seen below. For my own purposes, I decided to focus on mapping parameter control of images...

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