Projection Piano


Recently I have had the opportunity to be involved in courses and work that allow me to use new technologies to create new and exciting things. The beginning of the projections class was no different. From day one, we began talking about how people have started using projections, how they can be involved in theater, and how they can be used in new ways even outside of theater. I immediately started thinking of ways that I wanted to use projections in the future and began exploring different videos online or reading about different projects people had put together. Once I began starting to look for ideas for my final project, I began to think more about what I actually wanted to accomplish. I have always thought of myself as more of a technical person than an artist when it comes to these topics that can blur the line and so for this project I wanted to challenge myself to try to stay...

Binary Streams


Binary Streams is a single channel video projection using the motif of binocular vision to frame geographic representations of the land beside the highway. This 10 minute video loop is part of an ongoing exploration of the Southern Ohio landscapes buffering the newly constructed Highway 33. Using video and still photographic materials, both virtual and printed sources are incorporated into the movements of perception and navigation.       Binary Streams from daniel king on Vimeo.

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