Snowboarding PSA

By Sam Binnig

A short video done for Projections class that was shot on cellphones and flip cameras that shows the importance of responsible drinking especially during athletic events. Video can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46FLcUVgkpE I keep getting an error that says “TDOMF: No Form ID found” when trying to upload video.  



Bridges tells the story of Julia, a shut incapable of dealing with the outside world following her husband’s death. Directed by Jon Coy and written by Angelique Gibson of the film school, “Bridges” subtly deals with the idea of loss the process of moving forward with one’s life.  

Self-Help Sardines

By Hannah Cameron

I am a sculptor who works with clay and mixed media to portray bizarre narratives in which partial figures, both animal and human, act as surrogates for human emotions, relationships and psychological states. I am particularly inspired by Surrealist black and white photography and by fiction, both in film and literature. I draw inspiration from the narratives of dreams, because they often deal with human wants and desires as well as vulnerabilities, fears and frustrations. I have a great interest in sleep, as it is a time and space for susceptibility as well as for fantasy and great imagination. I have recently become interested in photography and incorporating photography into my work. The first piece I worked on at the Create Space was Self-Help Sardines, 2013. I created a ceramic shark jaw, which was then photographed and printed out at the same scale. I use photography in this...

A Public Service


In my Theatre Projections class, we were tasked with creating a Public Service Announcement. I took my inspiration from NBC’s “The More You Know” series of PSAs. So, i went to a recording studio to film, and found myself some suitably morose music to accompany my announcement, and then everything kinda got silly from there.  



Vengeance is a short film written and directed by undergraduate student Eleanor Crews. The film follows the darkly comic journey of twenty something Ed Durante as he plots revenge on the college teacher that “ruined his life”. As Ed’s obsession with revenge takes hold, we see his relationship with his sister deteriorate and his disturbed killing machines take hold of both his mind and the small cave like space in which he lives. Working at OU as part of an exchange programme from London, myself and Hannah Hall have been working as production designers with the School of Film MFA programme for the past two months. Hannah and I have been working on transforming the attic space in which Ed lives into a constantly growing reflection of his disturbed and yet creative mind. The images below show the location mid way through the pre production process....

Good, Bad Not Evil


Ruthie, a young girl in the 1960’s, continuously has fantasies about a male “heartthrob”, Bo. Now Bo is not a a rock star or an athlete, but rather a serial killer of woman. After Ruthie’s fantasies deepen she ventures to the city in hopes of glimpsing the man she loves on the day of his execution. When reality fantasy collide Ruthie will be changed forever. Written and directed by second year film student Sarah Leibman; “Good, Bad Not Evil” draws inspiration from the restrained works of directors like Robert Bresson and clashes it with the styles of the modern American musical.  

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