Lost Wax Android Application

By Broooks wenzel

Nathan, and the @lab are assisting in the modification of Google’s “Skymap” application to display the locations of the placements of bronze crayons as a part of my “Lost Wax” project. The application intends to allow users to use their android phones location sensors to view where the crayons have been placed geographically (yet vague) with respect to the user’s current geographical location.  

Tools & Access: Adobe CS2

By Nathaniel Berger

As a technologist, a maker, and an arts empowerer -trying at least – I just thought you might like to know that Adobe (maker of various digital content creation tools) now offers an older version of their software suite for commercial and educational uses for free, $0, nada. This is something that you or your students might want to pickup. This is a great opportunity, especially if academics are not required to purchase a new version, as this version would be extremely helpful for creating audio, video, still, print, and web works. Check it out while it lasts: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html  

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