By Chet Miller

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Here in the School of Theatre, for our first show, Mr. Marmalade, the

director desired to have the titles of the scenes projected during the
transition. To accomplish this, we used the standard front projection
spot, which has been a go to in that space (We have had projections in
that position for all the shows in the last two years) and again
worked for us in this show.

Since the world we’re inhabiting is imaginary, the set was a popup
book. For the projection surface, we would fly in a chalk board and
project the white text onto it to look like chalk writing. All the
slides were built in Illustrator and exported as png images for the
transparent background.

The @lab’s 6k panasonic projector is absolutely amazing in live
theatre. It’s actually punchy enough to work in a surprising amount of
situations. One of my favourite aspects is the fact we can use the
internal dowser on it triggered from Qlab in a script cue.


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