Vortex in Orange

By Jacob Koestler

This video loop utilizes visual feedback and antiquated equipment in a conversation about media and physical distortion of the Appalachian region: a mountain top pop off, black gold collection, sediment settles still tucked in. When they leave it hollow, the grass returns and a new geography is accepted. Turn the century and through a peephole at the base the stream bleeds out orange. Repeat. Rerun. Off-air. On.  


By Carlos Pacheco

Transmission, is an installation that employs the viewers own curiosity in an exploration of self-awareness and the viral transfer of information via the act of sending information from one location to another by means of a wireless broadcast, but also through the control of information, a transference of power, in the form of sight, through a simple, hand-to-hand transaction. Currently on display in the Ohio Univeristy Art Gallery, on the 5th floor of Seigfred Hall, in Athens, Ohio as part of the second year graduate exhibition, Merges and Dissolves.  

Why Do Turkeys Eat Toes?


The narrative, the turkey, the toe. This project is an exploration in educating the public about the dangers of mixing the turkey with the toe in an easy-to-digest, digitally exportable, beautifully crafted, file.



This work is about the differences and similarities between sacred and domestic tasks, between the ritual and habitual.  

in progress- fribble

By Amber Hoy

This is the beginning pieces of an installation about the preservation of the unreal.  

CATWALK: CLEETY (The World’s First Feline Super-Model)

By brian zahm

my cat’s sexy as hell. and quite frankly, she’s very hungry for fame and its trappings. thusly, she shakes (and licks) her money-maker, and i capture the magic thanks to the @LAB’s fine-fangled fotography equipment. i’m not sure how i’m going to handle being the father of a feline celebrity, so we’ll see how that pans out. and well, i kinda already see the fame’s going to her head and think she’s developing a drug problem…she’s been hitting the catnip pretty hard lately. she’s been wearing sunglasses everywhere because she’s hungover from those all night benders. and i tell her that i’m worried about her, that i care for her, that i only want the best for her, and maybe she should cut back on the catnip–i mean, she’s like john belushi in his heyday–but anyway, she’s just shoots me this condescending look and says, “My eyes are just sensitive to the light.” actually, it sounds like “meooow-meow-meow” but i speak kitty, so anywhoo. oh, gawd, and i totally forgot how i caught her down at the tattoo parlor the other day. she was trying to get, i think like “THUG LIFE” tattooed on her paws or something like that. and luckily, luckily i burst in there at the last second and said, “Woooooo, she’s not 18! she’s like 3 or 4!” and you need to be 18 to get a tattoo in the state of ohio. and i shudder to think how she was going to pay for it…there aren’t many ways a sexy kitty can pay for something when she doesn’t have a real job, and that tattoo artist looked puhretty desperate. so, cleety being turned out for a tattoo was narrowly averted. does anyone know if they make chastity belts for kitties? if you do know, please drop me a line. ahhhh man, and yeah one last thing, we were attending the movie premiere of THUNDERCATS: THE MUSICAL last week, and guess who doesn’t wear any panties? and guess who has like 20 paparazzi snapping shots of her p*ssey when she gets out of the limo? i’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t me. it wasn’t me. okay, thanks @LAB for making our dreams come true....

Introversion to Extroversion


Another important aspect of introversion is the ability to transition between the two personalities—the guarded introvert transforming to a temporarily aggressive and talkative extrovert. This pretend extroversion is not necessarily instantaneous like switching on a light. It involves conscious preparation with a temporary breaking down of the outer defenses—much like leaving the gates to the city ajar and unguarded. It requires preparing the inner self for potential conflict and it can be a daunting task somewhat like rearranging a living room or cleaning out a freezer. Similarly, the introvert must pull themselves back together following this interval of extroversion requiring time and rebuilding. The transitional state of the bear in this new image explores that moment of transition. The second image is part of a series exploring how US cultural preferences for extroversion are imposed upon...


By Suits Artist Group

It didn’t go off without a hitch, but our tight group managed to pull together and overcome the obstacles in our way. The end result? A solid performance that 50+ unsuspecting Faire-goers of all ages got to experience, each leaving with their own unique reaction to what we created. One nervous participant, unaware of what to expect, was affected so greatly by the atmosphere of our performance that he asked, with a scared crack in his voice, to leave in the middle of it. Suits is the collaborative effort of Sculpture and Expanded Practices MFA candidates, Basil Masri Zada and Kathleen Williams, and Photography and Integrated Media MFA candidate, Carlos Pacheco. A Syrian Fulbright recipient, an Ohio-based mixed media artist, and an Arizona-born photographer- Masri Zada, Williams, and Pacheco utilize their collective and varied experiences to create conceptually-based, interactive and performative works of art....


By Jena Seiler

The work displayed in my thesis exhibition was the product of an investigation into the convoluted relationship between conceptual space and images, and the delineation of geography and borders through the bracketing of the image’s frame. Questioning conceptual and physical space, the work challenged notions of “here and there” and pulled at underlying global relations and histories.

The Helen Hatch Half-Hour!


Based on locally produced television programming, The Helen Hatch Half-Hour! looks to explore the efforts of the amateur in the creative and domestic realm. This first segment has Helen reading from Betty Crocker’s Easy Entertaining. This work looks at gender and social expectations through two created persona, Betty Crocker and Helen Hatch. The work uses humor to explore gender expectations that do still linger today.  

Day Project

By Scott Sullivan

Where I film an entire day of my life with a camera in my head. – Check it out.  

Retouching Remnants

By Daniel King

The overlay of marks created in the enhancement of product. The moving, the touching, the virtual of selling desire.  

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