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Experimental Sound and Dance Compisition


There is much to be explored in the relationship between dance and sound. For this project I employed the layering of washing machine recordings in order to create a duet, capturing the relationship between humans and the machines that surround us. This piece was was performed as a work in progress in the Ohio University Division of Dance compositional lab.


By Elizabeth Boch

In my installation, I was interested in borrowing an aspect of the body. However, rather than giving it life as a part of the body, I sought to personify the wall by plastering the piece onto it. It acts as a blemish on the wall, behind which a private discussion festers. It speaks to the viewer in inaudible whispers, white noises, and other sounds which are muffled plagiarisms of a potential discussion on the other side. I hope that the viewer would be enticed by the audio streaming through the central mouth, enough to approach it out of curiosity. The wall is a barrier for the viewer of this piece, and the mouth acts as a tool to transcend it. It is my intention that through the repeating audio, the loud clang part way through startles the listener similarly to how unpleasant gossip and devastating news might shock and distress them through eavesdropping. The wall, in this case, acts...



‘Afterlife’ is a floor piece consisting of two 7’x4′ ft. low-relief sculptural works that lie side-by-side in a diagonal formation on the gallery floor. One panel consists of a collection of cast plaster and white cement organic leaf forms that resemble bleached bones or perhaps seashells. The companion panel is made of a collage of large and small images, translucent vellum, and paper pressed beneath several pieces of half-inch thick, tempered glass. Around the edges of the glass, scrolls of vellum depicting gestural painted images curl around the edges of the glass. The images visible beneath the glass include several 2″ inch vintage portraits of a 1950s American woman, large photographic inkjet prints of rural landscapes, and various non-representational drawings, monotypes, and paintings on plastic vellum. The work is a mysterious visual discussion...

Achromotrichia Pt. 2

By Tina Vu

Achromotrichia, the loss of pigmentation, results in grey hairs. Fingers look through a thick forest of dark hairs, finding and plucking strands of grey hair. These recordings play with an accompanying soundtrack of a female singing a bittersweet Vietnamese song about being twenty. She sounds like she is singing alone in a small room as I try to contain how I feel about change in my artwork. The video can stand alone as a piece, but an artwork responding to the video is currently under development. At the moment, I am working with images of the hair that was plucked and kept....

The Egg


The Egg is an installation I created to alter Ohio University’s studio spaces. As art students we have a very chaotic and creative studio space to work in, but the creative process also calls for a time of reflection. Unfortunately, we do not have a space to go to be by ourselves and clear our heads. The Egg gives easy accesses to any art student in a studio classroom to get away from the noise and chaos that each room creates. The process of creating the Egg took two weeks. I first started to work on the chair. I rounded off the sides of a piece of plywood and attached a shell of chicken wire that resembles the egg shape. I then went through a long processes of paper maching. Once I got through the structure of the chair the rest of the process was pretty simple. I finished the chair by adding four swivel wheels, sewing a cushion, painting the inside blue, and the outside white. I...

Thesis: Camp Out!


My work primarily looks at queer identity and personal identity and their connection to a rural or blue collar setting. For my thesis I am looking at different manifestations of queer performance, from the mundane, to the campy, and to the private. It is all set around the idea of a wooded area and summer camp. For this section of the installation I am creating video pieces as the persona of the Queer. This persona/creature is constructed faux folk legend that personifies many of the campier or effeminate mannerism stereotypical attributed to gay men. The work is hoping to show how all levels of performance are a coping and survival method that are born from natural tendencies and the culture we live in.      

Destination: Hungary!


This past summer I had the pleasure to participate at the Crescendo Summer Institute in Tokaj, Hungary. The Crescendo Summer Institute was a two-week master-course summer program from July 28 – August 11, 2014 where musicians from across the globe were offered private opera scenes and concert performances, lessons, coachings, and courses in acting, dance, diction, and sacred song. Before I was able to attend I held a benefit voice recital to raise travel funds. Create_Space helped me to stream my recital live so that patrons outside of Athens would be able to see the recital.  

Creative Relationship Series


My goal of this series is to order the 8 images so that they may tell a story. But when the order is changed it may tell a different story using the same characters. This series depicts a relationship between a man and women at the point when their relationship takes a turn for the worse. The images can be reordered to change the story for better or worse. With eight individual images, multiple story lines may unfold. This was without a doubt the most difficult project I have ever completed. Being in charge of not only the conceptual aspect but the technical execution as well became a logistical nightmare for a two-week project. But I was very passionate about this project as it is the largest scale production I have ever directed. One valuable lesson that I learned from this project is that if I want to organize a large scale production like this again I will either need a team of at...

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