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We help students create & document their creative research.

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Building in the Bomb


This time I used the resources at CREATE_space to document the building of a large ceramic sculpture in one of our large outdoor gas kilns. This documentation will serve as promotional material for my self and potentially the ceramics department. Once the piece is fired and finished it will be a component of my thesis exhibition titled “IF-Town.” The exhibition will open March 30th at the Majestic Gallery in Nelsonville.

Documenting Student work-Wheel Throwing-Summer 2016


This project was simply documentation of student work from my summer Wheel Throwing class. The images taken will go to build upon my student portfolio for the upcoming teaching job applications. Additionally, its serves my students in building their own portfolio and skill set as they approach the professional/academic world.

Global Leadership


I had planned on shooting two interviews as well as practicing a form of slow motion shooting in 60fps. I had to return the camera I received, which was a Cannon 5D mark II, and I replaced it with a black magic pocket camera. Unfortunately the black magic pocket camera does not shoot in 60fps so I will have to wait to perform that project. I had set up my interview at the Global Leadership Center with just a shotgun mic and a camera to perform a simple interview and the two interviewees never showed. Both of my projects fell through this week, but I didn’t want to have the equipment I reserved sitting around so I thought of a quick project I could work on to better my editing skills. The black magic and black magic pocket shoot desaturated. I took a couple quick shots of simple scenes and threw them into post to mess around with shots that are desaturated. I haven’t be able to finalize...

My Final Recital

By Seth M. Alexander

In my last term as an Undergraduate, I performed my final percussion recital with repertoire of my own choosing- in this case, several newly commissioned and composed works by composers that I knew personally or works that are well-known in the field. Using cameras and digital audio set-ups, I was able to capture my recital and even re-record a few pieces on a more intimate level with multiple camera angles and sound settings. Here is one of the finished products of this project:    

Ice Skating


In my creative research, I explored ice skating as a physical representation of a calming atmosphere. Using the GoPro, I took videos from different perspectives, including the perspective from the skates, to show the vast feeling of the open rink to produce a relaxing feeling. I also investigated the idea of a “trace,” leaving behind a mark on the ice to demonstrate one’s presence in the rink. But also the fleeting nature of that mark once the Zamboni clears the ice. I will continue my study.          

The Beauty of Simplicity

By Alexandria Polanosky

Sustainability has been a trending topic in some communities, including Athens, Ohio, lately. Though it is an idea based around simplicity, transitioning to and living this way does not always seem so simple. However, one man found a way to do so simply in the pursuit of beauty and peace of mind rather than thinking only in an environmental context. Dennis Miller, a resident of Coolville, Ohio, has agreed to welcome me back onto his property and into his workshop to capture his sustainable efforts and his motivations behind them. I met Dennis through the Sustainable Living Network, a local Athens, Ohio organization dedicated to providing a space to share sustainable lifestyle efforts of any kind with other community members. Many statistics support the push toward living more sustainably. In the last 45 years, the demand for natural resources has doubled. Half of the world’s rivers are...

Visit to shanty towns

By Anh Ta

After receiving feedbacks from my thesis committee as well as examining my works produced from last year, I spent a month this past summer traveling to Lima and Mexico City to primarily visit slum neighborhoods. The purpose was to find a relationship in visual and content research between these places and my works, which were tapping into the notion of third world domestic life. I picked these locations as they are ranked as two of the largest slum cities in the world. With the resources borrowed from the CREATE_space, I was able to efficiently record what I encountered during the trip.        

Coal Production: Narratives of the Appalachian Landscape


Appalachia has a long and controversial history of being invented, mapped and named by coal and coal mining. In order to extract coal, narratives mapped the region, wherein, “the coal industry’s priorities have determined the local economy, culture and geography” (Scott 137). Contention around this history and mapping continues amongst scholars, artists, environmentalists, industry and others about this history of coal as Appalachia transitions into a contemporary “post-coal” landscape. As the physical landscape—which has been scarred and manipulated by the coal industry—changes, so, too, does the cultural landscape. How is the history and contemporary moment of Appalachia told in this new cultural landscape? There are extremes of past and future Appalachia(s) represented and promoted as a demarcation of place. This project looks toward tourism/museums in the coalfields of West...

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