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By on Apr 23, 2014

My objective for this project was to create a short animation featuring both cut-out and puppet stop-motion techniques. After creating a shot list and constructing my puppet–a strange robotic creature–I consulted with CREATE_space to acquire a camera and studio space to shoot. The idea for this project was inspired from an interest in the contrast between mechanical and natural aesthetics. The puppet is largely built from scrap metal and defunct electronic equipment: rusted nails, wires, and the guts of an obsolete computer. Even the set design comprises a balance of natural and manufactured, blending a stark clay landscape with burlap fabric and paint. The machine’s actions remain relatively minimal throughout the animation. It simply observes its surroundings and, quite literally, consumes the elements it finds. The first two of these represent systems that are...

Nissan 300ZX Commercial

By on Apr 23, 2014

I have been thinking about making a car commercial, since I bought my 1985 Nissan 300ZX retro sports car. Motivated by a commercial photography class I’m taking this semester, I decided to make a commercial with 80s style lighting and Japanese narration as my final project. Me and my co-director Luke Fisher watched many 80s sports car commercials as research. We watched old Japanese Nissan commercials, Hasselhoff’s Knight Rider, and British car programs. We knew we wanted to play with stark lighting, fog, dutch angles, and crazy colored lights. We want the project to show off the car and look cool but also have elements of humor that point out dated effects, cheesy text, and blemishes that the car has collected over the years. In order to get better image in low light situation, we did test shoots with a few different types of cameras. We ended up using Canon C100, 5D Mark...

Spitting Image

By on Apr 23, 2014

Liz Conway’s solo work, “Spitting Image”, fuses live and video dance. Yielding to the containment of her 8’ by 8’ square, her subtle yet decisive movements show a juxtaposed relationship between the real and virtual images. Through these accessible limitations she creates a cohesive exploration of an alternate universe.      

Brass Quintet Recording at St. Paul’s Church

By on Apr 22, 2014

After recording a brass quartet in the chapel at St. Paul’s Church for Create_Space, I decided that I wanted to experiment some more with its ambience. The reverberations echo everywhere in the half-circle-shaped building, and I tried to find the best way to capture them. I recruited a brass quintet from the School of Music, which included two trumpets, a trombone, a french horn and a tuba, and brought them to St. Paul’s. The most striking aspect of the church from an acoustic standpoint is its large balcony in the front. Overlooking the whole church, this is where the organ and the choir is located during services. I first attempted to place four microphones, two SM-57s and two Audix condensers, equally spread out on this balcony while the quintet played from the gathering space below. This captured the reverberations of what the five musicians played, but the signal was...

Unplanning by design

By Hind on Apr 22, 2014

Can spontaneity be part of a plan? In creative processes, it could be one of the most valuable strategies we have. This research explores the value of letting go of control in the making process and embraces the intelligence of randomness, chance, and apparent nonsense. It speaks of the importance of cultivating creativity through observation and experimentation. The value of spontaneity in the creative process has been a focus of study in many fields, including psychology, mental health, philosophy and art. My secondary source research documents examples of movements and artists who have taken advantage of what spontaneity offers. While happenstance and chance may seem contradictory to design, these are essential parts of all creative activities, including design. My research engaged methodical processes that left room for chance. This increased my awareness and sensitivity to subtle...

Better Blaster Bureau

By Daniel Williams on Apr 18, 2014

The Better Blaster Bureau is developing the world’s finest foam dart blasters. Hundreds of thousands of adult urban gaming enthusiasts and Humans versus Zombies players across the US are dissatisfied with the performance metrics of Nerf® foam dart blasters. Our team of six is a startup at the Innovation Center and includes graduates of the Innovation Engine Accelerator (in Athens, OH), HvZ players, and students of engineering, marketing, and business. We have being using the Makerbot 3D printer at the CREATE_Space for early prototyping as a cost-effective alternative to traditional prototyping methods. Featured in the pictures are a couple early internals prototypes (they are plungers and cylinders that are supposed to generate enough air-pressure to launch a foam dart). We also are developing an enhanced stock attachment for existing Nerf® foam dart blasters. All products are designed...