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The Process of Sewing on Beanies (Ohio Connect Projection)

By Elijah Justice

Elijah Justice created this video to display the craftsmanship that goes into sewing on knit textiles. He gave a presentation Thursday February 4th, at the #OHIOConnect Networking Mixer and projected this video as a visual aid of the process. Elijah has been trying to improve his sewing skills. He decided to take on an independent study at Ohio University that specializes in sewing. There’s something about a hand crafted product that appeals to him. This creates a more unique item for his supporters. Each beanie has a custom label, designed by Elijah, sewed on to it. While this is a time-consuming process, Elijah finds a great reward in hand crafting items for supporters. The beanies are then packaged and sealed for shipment. This process and video is important to Elijah because this is a direction he plans to go with his interest in apparel. Creating a garment from scratch is...


By Anh Ta

The projecting video was taken during my bus ride on Christmas Eve to see loved ones in Iowa. There is something about sitting next to a body of strangers and bus drivers not getting to be with their families on the night of Christmas to serve an individual like me that is quite humble to me. The bed framed structure, sewn blanket and pillows, and flower vase symbolize a thought, a response, or a prayer that have for my parents. Based on the idea of connection and disconnection with my biological home, the piece expands to the idea of distance and time between spaces and places, there and here, domestic and foreign. This piece was installed at the Ridges in January, 2016.        ...

Polyvocal Mixtape: Projection 3

By Ryan Davis

This projection is a major process in a continuation of paintings towards my thesis exhibition titled Polyvocal Mixtape: Positionality. These paintings incorporate context of abstract expressionism by use of Ad Reinhardts Black Painting series. The grid in my paintings references those paintings. Over top I paint a figure in an ambiguous position. This part of the process is a projection of a photograph I took onto canvas in preparation for the painting. The projection process took place at the Ridges Studio in December.        

Black Magic Test


This was my first time filming with the Black Magic 4k. The goal of this was to simply record in RAW and ProRes and compare the two. I wanted to gain an actual understanding of what these formats were and understand the benefits of shooting with the black magic camera. I watched a few videos on the Black Magic Camera that included a walk through of the camera components and how to navigate the settings. This took time and research. So I watched tutorials on Friday, I shot on Saturday, and began editing on Sunday.   What I found prior to shooting The Blackmagic Cinema Cameras feature wide dynamic range for shooting true digital film combined with precision EF mount optics and high quality RAW and ProRes file recording. The built in touchscreen lets you monitor, change settings, display audio and exposure metering, along with audio adjustments and many other features. I like the...

The interpretation of my dream


The concept of my work has not been changed and is still exploring and elaborating dreams. According to my previous research, the psychologist Cain (2013) mentioned that there is no clear boundary between dreams and reality. However, at the end of the term, when I looked back to the work, I made constant changes to the artistic performance practices and details. Though the creation of my work, I did several experiments on how to present my dreams. I started with simple illustration using software combination and then I started to explore some materials and media,which might bring new inspiration of grain such as, I tried to explore different textures brought by some new materials as well as enriched and strengthened the connotation of the work itself. I tried to carve pictures on cardboard, both positive and negative sides, and draw with paint spraying instead of paintings using this...



I start with painting the background on a canvas or a piece of wood. After applying paint in a way I feel is aesthetically pleasing I continue working with my intuition to let the forms and shapes come from a place within. I tend to go into detail using cell resembling structures. The “cells” coming together relates to my idea of evolution and creation. I believe there is a tie between the two. I rollick the notion that one does not have to choose one but they can conjoin. To give my work a look of completion I pour resin on the finished piece that adds a vitreous look.        

Voluntary Involuntary Intimacy


How do you communicate aliveness? Presence? Medically and metaphorically, a heartbeat is a measure of life. How do we connect to each other through our bodies across physical, psychological, linguistic, or emotional distance? This installation depends on participation. A stethoscope head hangs on a wall next to a cell phone, a wire connecting the two. Across the room, on a pedestal, is a box wrapped with felt like an envelope. When participant A puts the stethoscope head against their heart, their heartbeat can be heard coming from the envelope box across the room. When participant B picks up the envelope box they can feel the lub-dub of Participant A’s heart beating from the speaker they hold in their hands. It is the shared body, disembodied. It is the involuntary intimacy of the heart pumping, volunteered. The first iteration of this installation was shown on December 3, 2015...

Before dawn

By Anh Ta

I silk-screen my father’s emails sent to me over the past few years on fabric, pour 80 pounds of rice on the floor, and project window blind silhouettes all together to compose this installation, which I address as an examination of my biological home. The act of repetitive silk-screening reintroduces a clearer view into old things and old days that I overlooked and perhaps forgot. Fabric became significant in my life since the earliest memory of watching my mother hand-sewing clothes for the family. Hence, these fabric sheets, cut out in letter shape and hung together in space by cotton thread, form a dialogue between geographical, emotional distance, and family ties. The element of rice emerges as a momentous perception. From personal viewpoint, a circle of rice suggests the need to be fed, to be supported, to be whole. While aiming to use this element as part of the...

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