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What is Good Art?

We all ask this question; Now it’s time to investigate our relationship to it. To do so, we’re making a game: Good Art?™ Help me figure it out; help me make it…

Blackness and Postmodernism


What I am exploring in my creative research is the image of what represents Blackness. What you see in the image is step one of this process – not including the reading and writing research. The next step is to paint these images. The background in the painting will be altered from the photograph to appear black. I will be using a range of colors to create dark color that looks black but will not actually be black. My intent in doing this is to portray the idea that Black is not Black but a range of colors representing diversity, that is embodied in Black.      

Decontextualized Yao ceremonial masks

By Qing Wang

This project is about the visual study of the Yao ceremonial artifacts collection in Alden Library: http://www.seas.ohio.edu/Library/Yao_ceremonial.html I engaged myself in the Yao ceremonial artifacts collection as audience, researcher, and graphic designer. Through the visual analysis of five Yao ceremonial masks, I generated two different sets of images which I felt from an outsider’s perspective. Then I printed one set on the folder by silkscreen, and another one was drawn by plotter. Through juxtaposing the twin-folders, I try to create a dialogue between the past time and the present day.        

Rashomon Effect Filming

By Nathan Davis

I picked up a GoPro Hero 3 camera and a tripod to aid me in the process of filming a tree line tracking shot to be incorporated into the projections for Ohio University Department of Theatre’s upcoming production of Rashomon. The inspiration for this sequence was from the woodcutter scene in the Rashomon film by Akira Kurosawa (http://youtu.be/wFUBzOvN6fk). Steady tracking shots are difficult to pull off in the best of circumstances as keeping the camera steady and stable while maintaining the shot angle (on the x, y, and z axes). My approach to mitigate these issues was to carefully secure the tripod and camera setup to the roof rack of a vehicle. The next consideration for the project was the speed of the vehicle and frame rate. The goal was to give the impression that the shot was made at a walking pace, however, the cruse control on the vehicle would only engage at a minimum of 10...

Evaporation Walks

By Lori Esposito

I want to tell you about the walks I have been taking. They help me be in my body where my experiences of the world are more direct. During these walks, my feet press firmly against the ground and I become increasingly aware of my environment. My breath connects to the pace of my walking — slow and steady. My hands carry well utilized dinner plates of pigmented water through vast and unpopulated fields, urban streets, country roads and highway ditches. The color rhythmically sways like waves on a shore until evaporated. All of existence and its complexities are reduced to a quiet task, carried out with a single intention. Presence. Evaporation Walking is a practice I began in 2012 as a means for letting go of grief. In collaboration with place and time, the process of evaporation sets the duration for each walk. The gesture of carrying evaporating water is a metaphor for carrying a...

Paper boats

By Amber Hoy

The silver gelatin images show me releasing paper boats into the Hocking River. I made the paper from my military uniforms. The materiality of the uniform is an essential aspect of the project and printing the images in the darkroom continues that physical element. I originally planned to document the act as a moving image but filming seemed to take away from the stillness and physically of the work. Sometimes I nostalgically hold onto pieces of my military life and other times I cut them up, make paper out of them and cast them off to brake apart and decompose. The paper boat, like the paper plane, is an ephemeral child’s toy that must be augmented and reconstructed over and over again. When the plane crashes the nose becomes crooked. A paper boat will eventually sink as the water soaks into the fibers. But regardless of how many times the wind sweeps the flying object into a...

OU Film Web Team: Summer Interviews

By Natalie Hulla

The Web team for Ohio University Film recently sat down with a handful of graduate and HTC film students to interview them on their summer activities. While some students traveled abroad to teach or work professionally, others gained internship experience and worked on professional TV/film sets. One of our students connected with an Emmy-nominated cinematographer and OU Film alum, George Mooradian, while freelancing in Los Angeles. The Web team, which is a small group of graduate students who manage the program’s website and social media outlets, wanted to showcase these accomplishments and experiences in order to create a highlight reel that will accompany a feature post on our website blog. We used a Canon 5D Mark II from The CREATE_Space to hold formal, sit-down interviews.        



I was the one being filmed, narrating, and I wrote the poem being Narrated. I shot and wrote this poem yesterday and edited it today. This is a video of my literacy narrative how I came to have literacy in the language of writing/storytelling. The video was shot at Jefferson Hall on Ohio University Athens campus. I wanted to express in a creative way where I came from and how I came into writing poetry. So I wrote the poem as an example of my poetry writing but made the video to just reinforce the poem to give the viewer a better feel for the emotion the poem is displaying.      ...

Illustrations for the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”

By Kateryna Tolmachova

This project is showing magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by digital photo-collaging. I made 11 illustrations total – 80×60 cm. All of them are black and white with tone of old paper and some coloring added, which imitates the way photo-editors of 19-th century made black and white photos colored.        

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