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We help students create & document their creative research.

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My Target


This documentary follows the life of a hunter in his quest to kill a deer, his prayer, his preparation and his target. There is another world where man and skills are in complete control. Clay Matthews creates and shapes his own environment, he sees beyond the normal spectrum of light into dimensions unthinkable. “It’s a world where anything is possible” as we follow his strategies and skill in hunting with bow and arrow. This documentary will follow Clay Matthews as he prepare to go into the field to hunt, with close focus on his attitude, composure and gears. We will experience his relationship with his tools and how he preps and arranges them for a session. Looking at his style of hunting, which will require a lot of sitting and waiting for a game to kill, we will experience more of his environment and space where he waits and its other creatures. The main idea the film is to...

“Undo” Music Video


I am a senior integrated media major with a focus in music video production. On November 23rd, 2015, I rented out the Create_Space Studio as a location for a music video shoot. Six theater majors and I choreographed a dance to a song called “Undo” by The 1975, and two media majors and I used multiple cameras and shooting techniques to capture the dance from various angles. I shot this music video to learn the most efficient ways to devise and shoot dance based videos, and to add more content to my reel. The studio was an ideal location for my shoot due to its’s bright blue curtain, which offered a neutral but moody backdrop. The ETC Lighting board provided most of our light, and offered a wide variety of color combinations to convey different moods.


By Sula Medovoy

For my Graphic Design thesis, I am imagining and branding an eatery titled “Goat&Bee” which specializes in fresh appetizers and small plates, including local goat cheeses and honey. As part of the branding effort, I will be creating two high definition abstract food-as-landscape movies, shot in macro, to play in a loop as part of the presentation. I used a Canon EF 100mm Lens to shoot some initial tests.  

Video Compositing Experiments


Recently, I have been interested in the possibilities Green Screen technology can provide.  When on a wall, a green screen becomes a surface that you get rid of or replace immediately upon editing the footage.  Keying out a green screen isolates objects in space and removes their context.  This allows the editor to reimagine their visual environment.  My research began when that green screen was placed on a human (with a green screen suit).  Interesting things happen!  First, I found that the green screen cuts a hole into the environment (attached photo, the person in white and black).  We can peak into a different world through the movement of the figure across the visual plane (like a moving keyhole revealing a new space behind a door). The project immediately pushed through this ‘hole in the wall’ analogy into the imaginative space behind the door.  This required...

3D Spider


Creating a three dimensional spider using resources from the CREATE_space was a lot of fun and a huge challenge. My design process started with drawing different spiders and then choosing the one I would end up printing. I used Blender as my 3D rendering software and watched many tutorials on how to work Blender. I started my model as a cube and after many extrusions and divisions of it I had the basics of a spider. Next was sculpting mode, this was where the bamboo pad from the create space came in handy. I sculpted the model using the stylus and pad and managed to get a lot of details in using these tools. I thought I was all ready print however I was very mistaken. The process to get things ready to print was difficult because I had to deal with the many extra triangles and edges. Working with different programs and finally restarting the model halfway through we got everything...

Thread for Filth

By Rachel Bender

As a consumer of drag culture, I see the potential of using drag as a means of reeducation and assertion that falling on either end of the spectrum, or anywhere between the binaries, is okay. We can have fun and play and laugh and sing while we deconstruct gender’s rigid parameters. That is how children are educated in the first place after all, with songs and rhymes and toys.   Dolls are used to model the behavior that will one day be expected from children, especially girls, as they grow up and take on more active roles in society. The concept of dolls as role models stretches from the Venus of Willendorf modeling nourishment and fertility to Barbie modeling her various careers. I hope to spark a dialogue through my exhibition of dolls about what is deemed appropriate for children’s consumption and what effect that has on the acceptance of the maligned gender presentations and...

Light Art


My research project was about light art. I used a ten second exposure time on my camera to capture light art made by my group. It was a required project for my art class that we performed outside in a dark open field. Our main light source that we used was simply a cell phone flashlight. We also used a laser pointer for a few shots and a colored light source for a few shots also.              

Beta Theta Pi


This was my first ever experience checking any equipment our from the Create Space offices. I rented out a 5D mark II and I was extremely happy with the material it produced. I was hired to shoot an event for my own fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. The ceremony was a celebration of the “Re-installation” of Beta Theta Pi which means that the national fraternity recognizes the Ohio University chapter of Beta. I covered this event November 28th. The event took place in two different locations so the lighting conditions changed drastically. The 5D Mark II had incredible low light abilities that saved me from digital noise. The two locations I shot in were the College Green Chapel and the Baker Center Ballroom. I loved this camera. Many of the pictures turned out extremely well even though the first setting was dimly lit church. I shot this event because it was a special night for a...

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